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Custom Orders

Photography Orders

Please contact me via e-mail what you would like. I work with all sizes: from 8x10 to 30x120. Each of my photos are mounted on on styrene (a hard, durable archival plastic that prevents the photo from bending or warping over time) and make custom "float frames". Larger sizes will have to be mounted on ACM (Aluminum Composite Material). ACM gives the strength needed for larger photos. It is a 6mm polypropylene sheet sandwiched between two sheets of aluminum.

Framing Options

1. Float Frame

The modern look. Photos will have an edge-less design and will be raised about 1" off the wall. If you are in the Indianapolis area, installation is included in the price. These are just common sizes ordered, but I can work with any size.

Photo with Float Frame Pricing

8x10 - $25

12x36 - $125

20x30 - $175

30x40 - $300

2. Custom Wood Frame

Custom wood frames with a glass front are available upon request for an additional fee (see pricing below). Please see the photos below for an example. If you are in the Indianapolis area, installation is included in the price. I can work with any type of wood. The wood I use is locally sourced that I cut down to size myself. I can help you decide what type of wood to use, or you may pick. Corner splines can be a same or a contrasting color, like shown in the image below. Rare woods may incur an increased fee depending on how much it would cost me.


Photo with Custom Wood Frame Pricing

8x10 - $45

12x36 - $225

20x30 - $300

30x40 - $500


All of my full-sized sculptures except 'Unknown Molecule' have been sold. I do commission pieces as well if you are in the Midwest. If you like one of my maquettes, please let me know which one (if you click on a photo the title will show up) and how big you would want it. We can then discuss size and price. If you would like custom work, we can discuss that as well. 

All sculptures made to full sized are originals.


- I accept payment via Cash, Check, Credit Card, Venmo, and Paypal -

- For the Indianapolis area 50% down payment is required. The rest is due upon delivery.

- If a photo or sculpture needs to be shipped, purchased item must be paid in full before shipping.

- Delivery and install included in price if in the Indianapolis area

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